about zoie

mamma to 4 kids
photo credit: moda photography
love to travel
loyal friend
love anything Italian
moment capturer

Taking a photography class has always been on my bucket list. But with my busy mom schedule, I never had the chance. So in 2007, I grabbed my point and shoot and started shooting. I'm self-taught with a LOT of help from a few photography friends over the years. I've since graduated from my point and shoot to the Canon 5D. She's a beautiful camera but my belief is that it doesn't take a great camera to capture a great image any more than great pots make you a good cook. Anyone can create beautiful pictures. 

Like any photographer, my style has morphed over the years. I used to take pictures and spend hours editing. I loved to see how I could "fancy" a photo up. Now, I just simply enjoy the raw nature of life and light and how they create images that are beautifully timeless. Great photography doesn't need a lot of doctoring. I do very little editing except to make an image black and white.

I love to capture the "real" you...not something fake or pretend, but something that is true to who you are. My focus is on the here and now--something candid that happens everyday of your life.

For me photography is about relationships and light. Those are the two things I focus on in every photo session.

Connections between people are what make it YOUR life in photos. Even bits and pieces can give insight into your relationships. Your images should speak to you. And if that image also speaks to someone else, then I've truly tapped into the essence of human nature. Great photography should speak to you. And great photography should speak for itself.

I'd love to capture your real everyday moments. Come as you are, and let's have fun together.